Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Midland Line [0E]: Volume 9 Progress Report 5

Contrary to my original proposition that no research would be done into any part of the Midland Line, I had a session this morning at Archives Christchurch and looked at 55 files and copied around 200-250 documents from these files. Quite a few different stations were covered and some very useful material about parts of the Midland Line were obtained.

I am looking at possibly a second visit to look at more material next week or maybe later this week depending on how many more stations I am interested in. It's possible I will look up a few stations on the West Coast that I didn't consider yesterday when I was putting the list together. In hindsight the list of files that I did look at today was quite a lot to go through in a 3 1/2 hour session and didn't really need to be any longer, so doing another list for another visit seems the right thing to do.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Midland Line [3A]: Whitecliffs Branch 1

Today we have a set of maps of the stations on the Whitecliffs Branch, including the junction station, Darfield.

Darfield 2015/1970

Hawkins, 2.94 miles along the branch, and it seems one of the few with a regular size goods shed. 2015/1958.

Homebush 2015/1943. The two largest bridges still have superstructure in place, with the one that crosses a river substantially intact.

Coalgate 2015/1943.

Glentunnel 2015/1943.

 South Malvern & Whitecliffs 2015/1943.

 South Malvern 1943 & 2015.

 Whitecliffs turning triangle 1965 & 2015. The triangle is not visible in the 1943 aerial photo, so it possibly may not have been installed at that time.

Whitecliffs 1943 & 2015.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Midland Line [2D]: Rolleston-Arthurs Pass 4: Rolleston-Otira Minor Stations 1

Today we are having a look at the minor stations between Rolleston and Springfield. 

First up, Sandy Knolls, the first station out of Rolleston. The current images from 2015 compared with the historical view from 1961.

 Aylesbury, with the comparison 2015/1965.

Kirwee 2015/1965.

Racecourse Hill 2015/1965.

Sheffield 2015/1965. Sheffield was a junction until 1930 when the Oxford Branch extension was closed back to Oxford. Whilst it can be reasonably inferred there was a ballast pit at Waddington the exact location and the existence of a railway siding is difficult to confirm from historical aerial photos and so the location shown in these maps is hypothetical, being based on a land corridor.

Annat 2015/1965.