Tuesday 17 November 2015

Project storage moving to Google

Since the beginning of this project I have used online storage for all of the project files and also published PDFs. Skydrive / OneDrive was used at the beginning because Microsoft initially gave out 25 GB of space way back about five years ago. They then cut this back to 7 GB for new accounts, but existing accounts were allowed to keep the 25 GB, so that was the skydrive I was using for the project. More recently Microsoft was giving 15 GB of storage plus 15 GB of camera roll space. Once again they have slashed the amount of free storage, now you will get no camera roll and only 5 GB of storage.

On the other hand Google has recently upped free storage from 7 GB to 15 GB. Google storage has always gone up. Microsoft has had a history that you can see of allocating generous amounts of storage and then changing their minds later and slashing it to the bone. Google still give free photo storage for photos of 1600 pixels or less which happens to be the size that I have scaled photos for the web for years.

So I have set up a new Google drive and it will be used for the project files to be synced to from the computer I use to edit the maps. At the moment the published files (PDFs) will stay where they are as there may not be enough space for all the files to be in one place and there is no problem that they are causing with space where they are at present.