Wednesday 14 June 2017

Otago Central Railway [30A]: Galloway

Galloway was a small country station in the midst of the Galloway flats. There seems to have been limited facilities provided at the station which had just a lean-to building provided with a goods section and a ladies waiting room (as it was originally titled). However it was sited on a platform, as we know many stations did not have platforms at all. In addition there was a loading bank and stockyards but there does not seem to have been a separate goods shed as far as I can discover. Only the station platform and building are shown as I have no information about the other facilities, the aerial photo I have is too poor a quality to really see anything at Galloway.

Galloway closed in 1978 and Keith Clare purchased the station building that same year. Only the ladies waiting room part was able to be saved and it was relocated to the Clares' nearby farm. In 2003 after the rail trail opened the building was sold back to the rail trail trust and moved onto a site just behind where it used to reside. The actual part of the building that is seen there today is less than half of the original building length, the map shows the discrepancy in size between the original and present buildings.

Overview of Galloway

The station platform, building and present location of the station today.

 This extract from the NZMS1 map shows that the road was originally diverted to allow more space for the station site. This is confirmed by the aerial photo that I have. The road appears to have since been straightened.

 Heading into Galloway from the east, this is Bridge no. 79 (Dip Creek)

 Bridge 79 (Dip Creek)

 200 km peg on the approach to Galloway. Only 15 km from the end of the line at Clyde.

 Galloway as it is today.

 Galloway today. Looking the other way.

 Near the Manorburn dam, this shows how the Little Valley hills close in on the railway for the last few km to Alexandra. This is Bridge No. 80 between 126-127 miles.

This is bridge 81 crossing the Manorburn. Water flowing from the dam into the Manuherikia River.

 The same bridge photographed from the back of an excursion train in 1989.

Crossing Tucker Hill Road just short of the 128 mile peg, only about 1.5 km from Alexandra.

About 300 metres east of the road-rail bridge. A 1989 excursion train.