Wednesday 6 February 2019

Main North Line [13A]: Glasnevin

Glasnevin was the station on the Main North Line that was located between Greneys Road and Waipara. Apart from the platform and building or shelter, there was a separate siding for the Amberley Lime Co and and for the ballast pit just north of the station. Just north of the pit, the highway used to cross over the railway line and go down to an old wooden single lane bridge across the Waipara River, upstream from the railway bridge. This was replaced with the present two lane concrete bridge about 1971/72. Like Greneys Road, Glasnevin was closed to the public in 1966. The date of the lime siding being closed is unknown to me at present, and when the ballast pit ceased to be used or the track, which is clearly visible on the aerial photo, was lifted, is also unknown.

The lime siding consisted of a facility for receiving lime loads from vehicles, which dumped into a pair of hoppers, from which it appears conveyors took the lime into a building or shelter under or in which rail wagons were loaded. The truck dumping facility with its two hoppers, made of concrete, is the part which can still be seen beside the railway track to this very day, the rail loading structure having been removed. The ballast pit remains clearly visible as it has not been filled in to any significant extent.

Lime loading facility remains seen in 2008 from the Coastal Pacific.
Glasnevin ballast pit which for many years was bare gravel but has in more recent times been dressed with soil and sown in pasture.

Here are the maps.