Monday 2 December 2019

Railway Housing in Greater Christchurch [2A]: Lyttelton 1

Following on from the discussion in the last article about railway housing around Lyttelton, here are some aerial photos with labelling showing where some of the railway housing was located there.

This is preliminary as more research is needed to identify all of the railway properties across Lyttelton as well as in this specific area. However, with the knowledge obtained to date, some of the housing in this area can be confirmed as being railway owned in the 1960s.

 The above, black and white aerial photo dates from 1973, while the below colour aerial is from 2015. We believe most if not all of the housing in the area enclosed by Brenchley Road, College Road and Crossland Terrace, was part of a railway settlement in Lyttelton. Marked so far are the four properties that still exist in some form today.