Thursday 26 March 2020

Wairarapa Line [0000]: Volume 6 Research Article Series Numbering

The next article will be one of our research articles into the Wairarapa Line. We will do this one as a break from straight progress updates. We have looked back on previous articles and there was a series numbered from 1 to 9. After that there was the second of the Volume 6 Progress Updates almost two years ago. We have renumbered the earlier article series to make a structure so we can put in further articles such as this one into that structure. The numerical series being adopted will be as follows:
  1. Main Line as it currently exists
  2. Hutt Park Railway
  3. Western Hutt Section / Melling Branch
  4. Hutt Valley Branch
  5. Gracefield Branch
  6. Silver Stream Section
  7. Rimutaka Incline Section
  8. Featherston Camp Siding
  9. Greytown Branch
Many of these names are unofficial. We do not know necessarily which official names may have been used at various times, because in several cases they were part of an officially named section and only got to be separate because of a deviation.  When maps are produced they are put into these series as well and there is a separate map set for each of these series.

We are currently working on the "Rimutaka Incline Section" and have just completed as far as we can, maps for the part of this route from Upper Hutt to the second tunnel. This will be detailed more in the article. There may be more than one research article for this section depending on how much content we decide to publish.