Saturday 18 April 2020

Wairarapa Line [0CC]: Volume 6 Progress Update 29

Good evening. Work is continuing at a steady pace on Volume 6 with the alignment of our maps to the current base imagery reaching down to the 119 km peg just south of Eketahuna at present. This has slowed a little due to some work on another volume but is still continuing and we expect some more progress over the next couple of days.

After another 12 GB download from the LDS site we are getting the rest of the tiles together to complete the mosaics for everything we are covering north of Featherston, the locations being the ones outlined in our previous post. There could still be one or two additional stations added in.

Also welcome to everyone who reads these posts via our Facebook page. We regret that due to a Facebook issue about a month's worth of posts haven't been syndicated onto the page. These posts are all in the blog and can be read by browsing it directly. This is obviously more important with the cessation of our Facebook group in that everyone using Facebook has to read the page, and we trust the feed will resume with this post.

As you know, this project in the Intermediate and Comprehensive levels of maps makes heavy use of Retrolens as a source for these historical aerial images. Whilst we are big fans of the site and have made lots of maps with their images, one annoyance is that it is impossible to find any way to contact them in order to resolve any issues with the site. As noted with Survey 570 the only resolution is to get hold of the original scans from Linz. However there is considerable inconvenience in this as found with 570.