Monday 20 April 2020

Wairarapa Line [0DD]: Volume 6 Progress Update 30

Good afternoon. Work is resuming on Volume 6 after a couple of days looking at some maps in Volume 1. We are certain of completing Volume 6 in about 2 weeks and are looking forward to it so we can finish that task and move onto working on another volume.

One of the issues that does arise with our revised production schedule is holding resources for the different production stages of volumes. For example the big downloads from Linz of their current tiles for use in producing mosaics. Simply due to the limitation of their user interface and the inconvenient facts that rail corridors usually don't run straight up, down, or sideways (e.g. at 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees), we generally have to do big downloads to get a relatively small number of tiles extracted from each download. This has become a lot easier now that we don't have to download all of the aerial imagery for an entire corridor and can just limit our downloads to stations. But we can still have a lot of gigabytes of tiles downloaded whilst working on map production. A key advantage of sequential production is only having to retain downloads for the current volume, but this gets more difficult with the new schedule of sequencing through different levels. So we will have to take a look at the levels to ensure we are not needing to hold resources that may be needed at multiple levels.

Today we are finishing the mosaics needed for the rest of the maps for Volume 6. We are keen to get this done as well as the basic alignments we are currently fixing for the main line corridor. Getting both of these tasks done, which should take a day or two, will let us get on with producing maps, which hasn't been done for a few weeks, and that means we are definitively pushing on towards completion and can see the end in sight for Volume 6. 

We now expect Volume 1 to be the next volume completed in the maps after Volume 6. Volume 1 has had some mosaics completed previously for it, and checking these mosaics has been a key task for the last few days. However we have pushed on with the basic corridor alignment for Volume 6 as well during this time.