Friday 10 April 2020

Wairarapa Line [0Y]: Volume 6 Progress Update 25

Welcome to Volume 6 Progress Update 25. Work this week has been pretty slow in completing the section from Kaitoke to Summit. We have drawn a reasonable yard layout for Summit and then set about to produce the maps from Kaitoke to there. Unfortunately these had to be revised three times and reissued accordingly and we hope not to have anything like the same difficulty going further on.

Last week when we added 1957 maps for the Western Hutt section we also added the same coverage for the Hutt Valley route. As a result we are able to quickly add a 1957 map of Taita to the existing map series, following the discovery this week of a turntable at Taita, which was in place for a very short period of time from 1947 to 1954. This is another area which would be covered by the missing 1951 survey we still hope to obtain in the future.

We are also considering the future worth of Facebook to the project. It's no secret that we have never been big fans of Facebook as a whole, and there are still many in our community who have shunned the platform. Since much of our content is already hosted off FB it would not be a big difficulty to reduce our current use of the platform. Probably by the time Update 26 is sent out, decisions will have been made and implemented.

Maps of Taita showing where the turntable was. The aerials from 1957 and 2017.