Wednesday 21 November 2018

Kingston Branch [5A]: Makarewa - Lumsden 1 (and Lumsden-Kingston)

The main achievement of the last few days has been getting the entire Kingston branch, Hedgehope branch and Mossburn branch current aerial photos assembled together so that I know where all the base imagery is for every station that I can map all along the line in all of those areas. We will have maps in some form for Ryal Bush, Wilsons Crossing, Lochiel, Thomsons, Lady Barkly, Limehills, Centre Bush, Wintons, Browns, Kings, Castle Rock, Mossburn, Pukearuhe, Benmore, Dipton, Caroline, Josephville, Lowther, Five Rivers, Eyre Creek, Parawa, Athol, Nokomai, Garston and Fairlight. That is just about every station on the Kingston branch except for one or two we couldn't get an aerial photo for when they were open. The next job is to start making mosaics for all these small stations, having mostly covered the bigger ones already. The big ones have all been done except for Mossburn, that is Kingston as mentioned in my last post, and Winton done yesterday.

Here are some of Winton (the yard only partly drawn) and Browns (the terminus of the Hedgehope Branch between 1953 and 1968 when the line was closed back to Winton). The Winton ones are 1964, 1972 and current, while the two of Browns are 1967 (not long before it closed) and current. As far as Hedgehope goes I can only show where it was five years after closure.