Friday 2 November 2018

Website change

Later this evening the website will be altered. will continue to point to a Trainweb site, which will have a single page on it. This page will in its turn link to a new site hosted on Wordpress, the address of which is

So Trainweb will continue to act as the landing page for the domain name, but everything that was there and Google Plus combined will be on the site mentioned above, for the time being.

The new site isn't anything like complete at the moment but it will be worked on and updated over coming weeks and will eventually have all of the existing Google Plus content listed on it.

These blog posts are now being syndicated to the NZ Rail Maps Wordpress site and from there to the existing Google Plus site, which still has all of its collections intact. This is an improvement from the previous situation where I haven't been able to get this blog's posts to feed through to Google Plus. So anyone who follows NZ Rail Maps on Google Plus will also see these posts directly. This is an interim until Google Plus closes and Google comes up with some replacement option for Blogger subscribers following on Google Plus.